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Shipping Bamboo Plants or Poles

Plants: Small 3-gal plants (3'-4' tall) can be shipped to you by FedEx and will arrive in good condition within one to four days depending on how far you live from Florida. Unless you live close enough for us to deliver them to you ourselves, larger, taller plants will need to be sent by commercial trucks.
Please call Jennifer at 352-429-2425 for details or
email us.

Poles: Bamboo poles less than 8 feet long can be shipped by FedEx. We can cut 10' poles shorter for you if needed ($1 per cut). Poles longer than 8 feet have to be shipped by common carrier trucks and they have a minimum charge so it costs the same amount to ship one or many 10' (or longer) poles. Within Florida, the minimum common carrier charge is $75 to a business location and $95 to a residence. If you can pick up your poles, you can save on shipping and also select the exact poles you like. Most poles will fit inside a sedan, van or truck. Outside Florida the trucking cost varies depending on your location.
Please call Jennifer at 352-429-2425 for details or email us.

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