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Need Privacy? Want Beauty?
Plant Bamboo!
Fast-Growing, Non-Invasive Clumping & Running Bamboos
Giant to Dwarf Varieties - 30 min. west of Orlando, Florida

18404 SR 19
Groveland, Florida 34736

We have been collecting and propagating clumping and running varieties of bamboos at our Central Florida farmstead since 1991.  When we initially purchased the land, very few plants were growing on our 50 acres.  A few small slash pines and scrub oaks provided only minimal shade and did a poor job of shielding the view of our neighbor's messy yard.  Our original need was for privacy and since we loved the look, sound and feel of bamboo, we set about encircling our property with privacy hedges of the giant grass.  We learned many important lessons through trial and error, extensive reading and by speaking with and visiting other bamboo growers in Florida and around the country.

Now, two decades after our first plantings, our land is surrounded by beautiful groves of bamboo. Some are 30- to 50-feet tall and still growing bigger year by year. Other varieties include mid-size clumping bamboos that grow from 20-feet to 35-feet tall and smaller varieties that will stay under 15 feet. All of our neighbors' yards are now completely blocked off by clumping and running bamboos planted along fence lines. Redwing blackbirds and cardinals constantly fly in and out of the swaying canes. When our youngest son was around 10, he made a secret fort in one clump of golden bamboo while our oldest son, Tim, has always enjoyed crafting wind chimes, furniture and jewelry out of bamboo canes.

In 2012, Tim took over the day-to-day operations at Beautiful Bamboo and the nursery was relocated to his property on State Road 19 in Groveland, 2 miles south of our original homestead on Bamboo Bend Drive. Our long-time friend, Jennifer Baehne, helped set up the new location and was ready to take over the day-to-day operations in September 2013 when Tim left to pursue other interests.

jen photo

Jennifer has been involved with Beautiful Bamboo since the early 2000s. Over the course of those many years, her knowledge of bamboo has grown along with her experience in all phases of the business. Shes well equipped to handle questions and help customers select the right bamboo species for any landscaping or building project. Jennifer shares our passion for these most amazing plants and is eager to share that love of bamboo with you.

Take your time browsing through the information on the different varieties we offer for sale.  If you decide bamboo is a plant you would like to grow, we invite you to come visit Beautiful Bamboo and see for yourself the many bamboo plants on display and for sale at our Central Florida semi-tropical nursery. 

Beautiful Bamboo is open 8 to 4 Monday through Saturday or other times by special appointment. Please email, text or call if you are interested in having bamboos shipped to you from Florida.

Jennifer Baehne & Sherry and Ralph Boas 352-429-2425

Clumpers or Runners ? Which is best for you?

One of the first things to decide when you are thinking about planting bamboo is whether to get clumping bamboo or running bamboo. Clumping bamboos are similar in growth habit to any shrub. They grow gradually outward from the center with new canes growing taller and getting larger in diameter every year. The most important characteristic of clump bamboos is that, unlike running bamboos, they do not spread by sending underground shoots far away from the main plant. A clumping variety of bamboo is a safe and attractive plant to add to any landscape. It is NOT invasive. For a privacy hedge, plant clumping bamboos anywhere from 4- to 10-feet apart. When planted 4- to 6-feet apart in enriched, irrigated soil, clumping varieties will form a solid hedge in just one growing season. If planted further apart, it will take a couple years longer. Either way, in a short time clumping bamboos form a tall, thick green border with towering canes that bend in the breeze.

Unlike clumping bamboos, running bamboos do send shoots away from the mother plant and have the potential to be invasive. In some varieties the new shoots will travel only a few inches but in other runners the shoots might travel 10-feet or more away from the mother plant. While this may present a problem in certain landscapes, in other situations it is a positive characteristic.  When planted 3- to 10-feet apart, the growth pattern of running bamboos enables them to turn into dense and beautiful hedges. They can be controlled by mowing a wide (10' to 25') area around the planting bed, with a bamboo barrier, or by a natural barrier such as a body of water, a road, or a pasture which is grazed or mowed regularly.

Running bamboos grow taller and thicker in cooler climates than they do in more tropical settings. While we can grow many varieties of running bamboo in Florida, the plants don't develop as impressively in our climate as they do in more temperate parts of the country. On the other hand, clumping bamboos prefer a tropical climate where temperatures rarely go below 15 to 28 degrees. Both clumping and running bamboos will provide a quick impenetrable hedge, graceful grove, or attractive spot planting.


Prices vary depending on rarity of variety and size of plants. Our goal is to help you complete your project within your budget. Tell us your plans and we will do our best to help you find a beautiful as well as affordable solution to your landscaping needs. We offer SPECIALS on select bamboos at certain times of the year.

We have a limited number of 1-gallon young starts (1' to 2') as low as $25 for some varieties.

The most popular size to plant is the more mature 3-gallon (3' to 8') size which range from $25 to $95 depending on variety and number of canes. These will give quicker growth from a larger root system which will produce more new shoots the first year.

Larger 7-, 10-, 15-, 30- and 50-gallon sizes with multiple canes are available from $45 to $600+.

Least expensive varieties are: Vulgaris, Hawaiian Gold, Hedge Bamboo, Golden Goddess, Red and Green Fastuosa, Red Margined, Arrow, Golden, Yellow Groove

Midrange price: Seabreeze, Oldhamii, Graceful, Asian Lemon, Dwarf Buddha Belly, Ladyfinger, Vivax Timber, Angel Mist

Rarest, most expensive varieties: Blue, Baby Blue, Black, Emerald, Yin Yang

Quantity prices and custom field dug plants are available for certain varieties. See our SPECIALS PAGE for discounts on selected bamboos.

Please call for more information about bamboo and our Florida bamboo nursery.

 Ask for Jennifer
Open Monday thru Saturday 8 to 4 or at other times by special appointment 352-429-2425

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